Stasy Hawkins
Owner | Los Angeles

Stasy Hawkins has been interested in fashion since she was ten years old. Her fifth-grade teacher inspired her desire for designer jeans at an early age, and her mom helped procure them from department store clearance racks. Getting a bargain was instilled in her at an early age. Her quest for fashion and individuality continued as she started sewing her own creations when she couldn’t find the desired look at the local mall. This led her to the pursuit of a degree in fashion design, and passionate work in wardrobe for movies, tv, and theatre.  

Stasy’s off-duty hobby is still fashion and style. Inspired for the hunt of a new piece to add to her own collection, she has always loved thrift and resale stores. You never know what you will find, and that goes the same for Dress on a Dime. The shopping uniqueness has already been done for you! It is such a thrill when you find a great piece! And it’s good for the environment because it’s something that’s already in the world that can be reused. Fashion is fickle and people sometimes only wear something once! It’s great if these things can find a new home and give pleasure to and inspire someone else. It’s a win-win for both the consignor to recycle their own gently used items, and for the shopper to have the opportunity to buy fashion and luxury items at a fraction of their original cost. Shopping at Dress on a Dime is a treasure hunt that will turn into an addiction!

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